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Divine Motherhood

Decolonizing Motherhood - Balancing Masculine + Feminine - Empowering the Home 
Xerces Lewis, Your Matrescence Guide + Healer

About Me

For the longest I thought my about me page needed to be "professional." What it was truly missing, was RAWNESS, CULTURE ... Decolonization.


I'm Xerces (Air-sis). If there's anything to know about me, know that I am a person who feels her purpose is to serve other women. To literally pass down ancestral wisdom to those who are connected to me on this path, my soul family. 

I am versed in Western Mental Health Practices, while also learning from my own Ancestors and Internal Wisdom. 

I doubt this is your first time seeing my work, so if you've been following me you know that what I do, comes from the heart, the mind, and the soul. I am passionate about my work , especially even more now as a mother. 

My motherhood journey was exactly the missing piece to me accessing my power and ancestral magic. 

Which is why you're here and we are connected. You aren't here by coincidence, you're here by purpose, by ancestral guidance. 

WE are fully supported! 

By your ancestors, your connection to your higher power, Mother Earth, and by our highest selves

This work is divine and so important for not only us to experience on a soul level, living out our ancestors wildest dreams, but for our children to experience this and more. 

As a mental health professional, sage, and mother, I am here to see you experience the rebirth that will light your soul on fire. Are you ready? 





I'm 32 years of age. I began this journey as a mental health professional and as my spiritual journey began to unfold about 8 years ago, my personal and business growth did as well. This journey guided me to share what I've learned not only from The Universities, but from my own personal experience. 

I can remember when my Mental Health Supervisor said to me, "You're a young black woman who's attractive and intelligent, there is no book to tell you how to create your own practice and ways to connect with your clients, so make your own."

And ever since then, that's what I've been doing. 

But I must say, Divine Motherhood, Decolonizing Motherhood is by far the best and most powerful journey yet.

I'm a manifesting generator and Gemini, I flow with my growth, which means overtime my business has evolved. From Love Your Mind, to Intuitive Soul Doctor, then Sensual Soul Healing, to Divine Motherhood, at the core, they're all me and what I feel has allowed me to birth Divine Motherhood. 

I am my mothers only birth child with an only child so I look forward to what this journey has in store for me and how I can help her to navigate this life differently than I did. 

With my 10 years in mental health expertise while working with hundreds of women, moms, and couples,  along with my own personal journey I look forward to this beautiful journey with you as Divine Mothers. 

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Mother & Blog



Divine Nurturing for Soon to be Conscious Mothers

I provide guidance, support, and nurtured wisdom to help you have create a peaceful, healing pregnancy that supports your birth and fourth trimester (Matrescence) experience. 

Consultation Investment: $85.00

Balancing the Masculine + Feminine in the Home 

This is for Conscious Couples ready to work together through their multigenerational patterns and communication issues that are keeping them from connection and being the example they desire to be for their child(ren). 

Consultation Investment: $111.00

Divine Nurture for the Conscious Mother

I provide guidance, support, and wisdom for Conscious Mothers ready to balance their energy. Being the strong woman isn't providing the love and softness you'd like in your marriage and life and you're ready to safely explore the pain that's keeping you from being a soft, feminine mother and woman. 

Consultation Investment: $85.00



"Xerces is an amaazing healer , teacher and coach and I’m THRILLED to have met her and experienced her in her genius.She is honest and open about herself and her journey to where she is now. She also provides much needed support."

Ashley M.
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