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The Divine Motherhood Academy

Where the Divine 7 come together to intentionally create, grow, support, and nurture one another as mothers raising peaceful, harmonious families 


A community growth space for wives and mothers raising harmonious families

You don’t take your role lightly.

And for that, I know this container is a perfect fit for you. 

With the challenges your partnership faces, it’s only natural for you to find a solution to the problem. 

You are a healer. A grower. With profound awareness and drive to heal and grow through anything that stands in her way. 


Which is one of the reasons you find yourself troubled and challenged with where you are in your partnership as a mother today. 


In the journey of marriage and partnership, especially amidst the profound changes that come with becoming a mother, it's common to find ourselves navigating uncharted emotional territories. 

Your feelings of unhappiness and being unseen in your marriage/partnership as a mother are undoubtedly weighty and deserve acknowledgment. However, perhaps what's less apparent is the profound opportunity for healing and growth that lies within.


As you wrestle with these emotions, I invite you to consider a perspective that might initially seem unfamiliar but holds tremendous potential for transformation: the concept of reparenting your inner child.


You see, within each of us exists an inner child—a repository of emotions, needs, and experiences from our past. Often, events in our adult lives can trigger responses rooted in these childhood experiences, shaping how we perceive and interact with the world around us, including our relationships.


In your case, the transition to motherhood has stirred up feelings of being unseen and under-appreciated, echoing echoes of unmet needs from your past. While these emotions are valid, they also present an invitation to delve deeper into understanding and nurturing your inner child.


Reparenting your inner child involves providing the love, care, and validation that may have been lacking in your formative years. It's about becoming the nurturing parent to yourself that you may have yearned for in moments of vulnerability.


By reparenting your inner child, you can cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, self-compassion, and emotional resilience. As you nurture and heal the wounded parts of yourself, you'll find that your capacity for love, joy, and connection in your marriage grows exponentially.


Remember, healing is a journey, not a destination.


 Who is The Divine 7:

The Divine 7 are seven INTENTIONALLY chosen mothers with the skills, passion, gift, and spirit to lead. I've been lead to reach out to you personally and ask if this would be an experience that you'd want to be a part of. 

As the Divine 7 we are the FOUNDING Mothers of the Divine Motherhood Academy. 

As a member of the Divine 7, we have the opportunity to pave the way for a generation of mothers AND families to be the first of their generation to know what it's like to be raised in a home of love, emotional health, and emotional connection. As we support one anothers goals, dreams, vision, and growth, the Divine 7 is a safe container where we get to have weekly conversations, supporting one another, uplifting, and building connections. 

What you receive as a Divine 7 Member: 

- voxer support community (weekly) 

- membership at $127 rate (instead of $197) 

- commission opportunities (for ever 3 members you invite, you receive $125) 

- mentorship opportunities for discounted price (to be a Divine Motherhood Consultant) 

- bimonthly prayer/meditation/intention setting zoom meetup

What's asked of you as a Divine 7 Member: 

- being a thought/inspiration leader in the community space 

- mentoring other moms in the space 

- growing together and being open to being loved and supported 

What the membership entails: 

This is a monthly growth container specifically tailored towards your reparenting journey. 

From this reparenting journey we will discuss topics in detail such as: 


  • Reparenting your inner child 

  • Resetting your nervous system through somatics and body awareness 

  • Rebuilding your relationship with your emotions 

  • The truth about emotions 

  • How to effectively communicate your needs and make them irresistible for your partner to meet

  • Conflict resolution in partnerships 

  • Redefining love 

  • Setting Boundaries 

  • Identifying triggers and understanding triggers 

  • Healing the mother wound 


And many more! 


For the first 4 months, each week you will get curated healing material (pdfs, videos, audios) to guide you through the topic of discussion for the month. The 4 core themes are Reparenting, Resetting your nervous system, Rebuilding your relationship with your emotions, Love Communication in your partnership and each subtopic falls into these categories. 

(After the first 4 months it's biweekly- monthly material updated) 


You get access to: 

  • Telegram (a communication app where conversations will be had and sorted by topics for the community)

  • Monthly live somatic class

  • Monthly live Q + A 

  • Monthly live class over the topics of the month 

  • Somatic Exercise Portal 

  • Extra healing material Portal 

  • Journaling Prompts/Reflection work weekly to biweekly 

First meetup for Divine 7: Week of March 25th-March 29th 

What clients have said about 1:1 work with me: 


What you'll receive from the Divine 7:


  • Accountability to grow in a nurturing and sound supportive space. 

  • A provided space to learn about your emotions through non-judgmental conversation, leading your to deeper understanding and comfort of your emotional expression. 


  • Support for your dreams, your passions, as you grow and reparent your inner child. 

  • Support in understanding what your wounded inner child spirit is, her language, her triggers, and what she needs to feel supported and regulated so that you can have a healthy and peaceful partnership and motherhood experience. 

What will change from committing to this work: 


  • Healthier relationship with your child and partner, to where you don't feel controlled by their emotions. 

  • Healthier relationship with yourself. Being able to validate your emotional needs, slow down before you respond, and hold peace within before you react. Giving you a soft touch. 


  • Experience less stress on an average day to day, week to week bases and able to communicate your needs and experience to themselves, your child, and partner with ease due to the emotional regulation skills you will gain and the somatic (co-regulation) sessions provided in this program. 


  • Better enjoyment of motherhood and small moments with your partner and child that don't have you second guessing if you made the wrong choice to raise a child with your partner. 


  • The confidence to create a life worth living and being intentional to make time for the things you love to do (or find out what it is you love to do as a mom)

What my clients have walked away with: 


  • Access to tangible regulation tools that they can implement that day

  • Feeling empowered to meet their child where they are and have the emotional capacity to be there for and with their child

  • Have a new perspective on the way they view their relationship with their emotions

  • Feel in control of the way they respond and how their body feels amidst their big emotions

  • Feeling more at peace within. Able to have challenging conversations without getting upset, or saying things they don’t mean

If this resonates and you're interested and ready for this opportunity, please just let me know! 




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