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Healing into Femininity

For conscious mothers ready to step into their femininity and softness to experience a better life, motherhood, and marriage

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You Are Seeing This for A Reason

You're tired of the experiencing emotional pain between you and your husband. You are tired of feeling like you're bidding for his love and he's not acting or responding the way you need him to

Feeling alone, resentful, and angry as a conscious mother 

The OPPOSITE of what you wanted this family experience to be


Simply put queen, you're a strong woman raised by a strong woman, all you know is how to operate in a masculine space 

But what you're also not aware of is how you're also operating in your wounded feminine


Wounded feminine energy looks like: 

  • Seeking external validation

  • Being critical like your husband can never do anything right, because you always have something to criticize

  • Needing to feel loved with an energy of feeling incomplete or deeply unhappy

  • Placing your emotional happiness into the hands of your husband

  • Feeling like the victim

  • Prioritizing your husband + child at the expense of yourself

All energies that are attracting the wounded masculine within your husband, making him feel the need to protect himself in a space where he would want nothing more than to connect, love, and adore you 

See, emotional pain will have you truly believing in a selfish love and a very unhealthy way of showing up in your marriage

Seeing your husband as your enemy when in reality you're both operating from emotional pain and wounded energies 

It's time to change that!


In this healing, I guide you in mind, body, and spirit to energetic shift and transmute energy that’s making it hard for you to trust your femininity + connect with your husband

You will be guided through: 

🔑 A Meditation to help you ground into your body + hold emotional space for yourself like you never have before 


🔑 Breathwork that allows you to alchemize your old energy around your emotions, trauma, + generational trauma 


🔑 EFT Tap out old beliefs that keep you resisting your feminine energy 


🔑 EFT Tap in new beliefs that serve you trusting your power and vulnerability 


Our focus in this energy healing is to:


🙌🏾 create a deeper trust in yourself to know it’s safe to be feminine and create from that energetic space 


🙌🏾 acknowledge and honor our ancestors and lineage for what they’ve done for us, while letting go of the beliefs no longer serving you 


🙌🏾 help you to feel powerful embracing your role as a mother and wife, but more importantly, a feminine being 


Spaces are limited for this healing experience 

Investment: $33.33 

Email sent with details 24/48 hours after purchase


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