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The healing mother

A Spiritual and Emotional energetic healing journey for conscious, intuitive, gentle mothers

Mothers, be aware and mindful to advocate for your feelings, your desires, and your needs. 

Often, the whole family expects for you to have it all together. They will often wait until you are at your lowest to realize that something is wrong … and this is the main reason you need support outside of your family 


To have someone who is fully holding space for your mental and emotional well-being 

To have someone ask how’re you feeling? 

Do you need anything? How can I support your right now? 


To say, “I know how you’re feeling and what you’re feeling is safe with me. It’s safe to feel that, because you’re right for feeling that”


But first it may take you realizing that 


1. It’s time to stop pushing your feelings down and acting like it’s not okay to not be okay 

2. It’s time for you to stop bottling things that need to be said, and speaking up in your relationships, speaking your needs and wants 

3. Realizing that it’s okay to have big emotions too that may make people uncomfortable. Emotions aren’t meant to always be comfortable but expressed 


It’s time to VALIDATE your emotional experience 


I’m holding space for 15 women who desire to feel validated. To feel a nurturing love and support from someone who can hold space for all of you including your big emotions 


A woman who knows that her healing is within this release 

A woman who desires to feel safe with someone who sees her and loves her for her 


I welcome you into my divine healing circle 


- One hr 

- Breathwork

- Meditation 

- Reiki

- EFT Tapping 



Being guided through integrative self healing and sisterhood connection 


More Info 

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- SAGE (if you have it)


- CHILD (if you want to hold healing space with them too, more than welcome)

If you have any questions please email me directly

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