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Nurturing Darkness

A Class created to help you be more understanding and accepting of parts of you that hold shame, guilt, and rejection

You will have access to the 4 simple tools that I have used consistently for the past 5 years that have helped me: 

- Have a peaceful pregnancy 

- Have a peaceful water birth 

- Have a strong emotional connection to my daughter 

- Feel balanced and calm within my own mind + body 

And so much more 

I will show you how to use these tools in real life situations that we face, what resistance may be present as you try to shift, and how to navigate that resistance so you feel safe creating change consistently 

You will walk away from this class: 

- Feeling confident that you can be the emotional safe space you and your child(ren) need. 

- Feeling comfortable being accepting and nurturing towards yourself and your child 

- Feeling in control of your emotional well-being when challenged or triggered


This experience will truly be one for the books. Walking away feeling powerful and open to taking full responsibility for your own well being! 


If you are READY to finally implement the knowledge that you've learned and feel supported in staying consistent. Click the link below to sign up. 


Access to this class will be via email. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive email with class material. 

This is not a substitute for therapy. 


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My Story

Im Xerces (air-sis) queen! 

I began my conscious healing journey 8 years ago and my intuitive mothering journey two years ago (when Xy was in my womb)

Before focusing on healing for mothers, I worked with women, helping them to rewrite their story with s*x and intimacy.

This included womb healing, generational trauma work, inner child healing. And now, I’ve shifted that work into focusing on the motherhood journey (still incorporating that past work)


And prior to that I was in the Mental Health Counseling profession for 2 1/2 years working with women, teens,+ couples

My journey to wholeness. That’s what my healing journey has been. Honoring the fact that I am not perfect and I carry an ancient wisdom and love within me. I’m an intuitive being, when I choose to lead from my feminine and heart, I experience life more deeper than I do when I lead from my past experiences + fears

I’m a Gemini + MG, so a lot of my power does come from the wisdom I carry within mt mind. I have learned and am still learning to balance myself as a whole. Although I will always be learning and growing, I can still love and enjoy my life from my wholeness, the amazing person I was created to be. So not only do I live in this, I help other healing mothers to live in their wholeness too

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