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Welcome Divine Mother!

Thank you for investing in not only the services I provide, but your own healing and betterment! I am truly grateful to be a part of this journey with you and look forward to our call! 

Below is access to your payment link, agreement of our experience together, link to your call, and questionnaire to fill out before the session. 

If we choose to continue to work together after this session, this will be where you access all our intimate material, call recordings, class access, etc. So I hope this space helps you feel just one more step closer to your Sacred Energy and focus on self healing and nurture! YOU are important to me and the connection we share too. 


I don't take this work for granted. Each call, each voxer messaging support between our calls (if we continue to work together) is full of support from the absolute best of me. I want YOU to know what it is you desire, is yours to claim!  

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me at



If I do choose to continue working with you, I'd like to know about pricing and what that entails?

If we were to work together for 6 weeks, it would be 14 payments of $65 or 16 payments of $55.50.

This includes: 

6 weeks:

6- 45 minute calls weekly 

6 weeks of intimate messaging support

- in between sessions where we are able to talk in real time during your most vulnerable and intimate triggering moments. This is where I walk you through your healing in the moment, keeping you present, showing up in love and support, while showing you what IS possible for you to think, feel, and experience 

What are the benefits of working with you?

- Within 1 session you will gain immediate clarity of how you've been feeling and what's been overwhelming, confusing, or too much for you. You will now not only be aware of how it triggers you to respond to your environment, but how it also impacts the way you show up for yourself and interact in your relationships 

- Within 3 sessions you will have the awareness of what your ego is, how you've experienced your relationships through your ego lens and how you can CHOOSE consciously how to show up with more compassion, grace, and patience for yourself, your partner, and child(ren)

- You will always walk away feeling supported. Experiencing a divine feminine love and support that allows you to truly be seen for ALL of you, even what you consider the "bad" or "shameful" sides of you. You get to feel truly loved and acknowledged within your humanness which allows you to practice the same for yourself and others 

- With each session you walk away being able to invest a full 45 minutes on YOU. Your feelings, thoughts, trauma, pain, love, goodness, challenges, ALL OF IT. I am a mirror of love and power for you 

- You feel supported enough to create "risky behavior." Which isn't something you were comfortable doing before our work together. You are more open to speaking from your sacral and heart. Being patient with your emotional flows and actually listening to what yo u need and vocalizing that with love and intention


I'm here to be one of the most sacred safe spaces you've ever experienced. To be an energy that allows you to transparently heal with no fears, while also being encouraged to lean into the resistance and trust yourself to make the changes that WILL get you what you want. I am 1000% here for YOU and seeing you succeed and feel nourished. Being the person who selfishly pours into you so that you can pour into your family with ease. I look forward to working with you. 



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