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I just had a call with a healing mother and one the points we shared on this call was about Ego

For her she is unlearning being a mother who is annoyed by her child’s behaviors and asking them to do things more than once

But also just having the compassion to ask more questions to her child

For her, it’s foreign

For her, she doesn’t want to feel stupid asking simple questions

So, we discussed ego amongst a few other things and I thought I’d share this:

Ego is your inner child’s defense response

It doesn’t ever want to be wrong and when you’re being checked on something and it triggers ego, it’s going to find every reason and excuse why the situation, other person, etc is the problem and not ego (you in the moment)

Often a lot of parents operate from this space with their child

When you cannot create a loving awareness around ego in your own life, understanding that when you’re desiring to CONNECT whether it be with your child or your partner, ego has to take a back seat

Because it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about understanding what happened and how we can come together to appreciate and respect our differences and keep it moving

Children operate from ego quite a bit

And when they have a parent who still operates from ego during big emotional experiences, it makes it tough for them to have the emotional awareness and growth needed as they grow

When you understand your own relationship with ego and you work on nurturing ego with compassion and acknowledgment, guess what?

You have the capacity to do the same for your child

It starts with US.

We are capable of holding the power of being the example while healing

It doesn’t have to be either or …

This was such a beautiful session today. Not only did she create awareness of her own ego and how to be more kind to herself, but she was able to relate a part of herself to her child that will help her practice a better style of communicating and listening

What’s your relationship with ego?? Do you feel it’s where you find yourself operating from often?

How can you challenge yourself to be more loving and compassionate towards your own ego and allowing it to be a reminder to pause, listen, and be open?

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