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Being A Mom is Hard

Let’s just be real f*cking honest here

Motherhood is the most challenging experience a woman can face outside of loss/death of someone we love

From the mental, physical, and emotional changes

To the spiritual changes

To the consistent changes of your body for 9+ months

To the hormonal changes

To your life being 95% different than it was before

It all happens what are first doesn’t seem to be quick but overtime, you realize it is

Going from only focusing on yourself to having to intentional focus on EVERYTHING you do, think, consume

And EVERYTHING about this one little being

Outside of you

You’re no longer on your own time

But their time

Their needs

And if you struggled with nurture and divine femininity before baby, it definitely shows up in many ways during this journey

Resisting the flow

Resisting the discomfort

Resisting the change

Resisting the sacrifice

Resisting the nurture

You begin to see where you were failed in receiving the love and support you need which triggers your inner child WHILE you’re trying to raise a child


THEN you think of all the things people may say or think about you and if you’re doing this or that right, which triggers all the emotional burdens women have carried for so long in this society to present a certain way from being outcasted or shamed


All while raising a whole damn human

Something you’ve never done before but are expected to get right on the first try

And when it doesn’t seem like you’re doing enough:

- guilt sets in

- shame sets in

- fear of asking for help sets in

- regret

- frustration

- anger


The good news, is there IS a way to handle this all with grace

There IS a way to experience all of the changes with an open heart and mind

There IS a way to love yourself and your baby through the experience

And there IS a way to stay connected and loving towards your partner



trust + surrender

trusting your divine purpose of being a mother and allowing this experience to TEACH you

Allowing yourself to surrender to being the STUDENT

You can be responsible and still be taught

You can be a provider and still be a student

Each day I try to intentionally show up to be a student of my life, learning ways that allow me to balance my experience and flow with what comes my way with the least resistance to change and discomfort as possible

Because both are inevitable in this lifetime

And both are a part of us and our human experience

You don’t have to be overly positive about your challenges

But you can flow with more ease and an observant mindset

Trust me, the outcome is glorious

This is your wake up call

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