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Parenting Sex

Please don’t punish your teens for sex.

Yes you read that correctly and here’s why

Sex is a natural act regardless their age, the desire to connect in that way is IN OUR NATURE

As parents the best thing we can do is INFORM our children of the spiritual, emotional, and physical connection sex creates

To help them to understand the importance of choosing the right partners

To understand the reason THEYYYY desire to engage in sex whenever that might be for them and help THEM to make conscious choices that empower their sexual identity and power

Sex is more than “you’ll get her pregnant” or “you can get pregnant”

Sex is more than “don’t be doing that in my house”

It’s a natural way to connect when the chemistry is there.

So opening the door to connect with your child’s EMOTIONS around sex will help them to make decisions that empower them and help them to feel good about their sexuality

If you don’t want your child having sex in your home, explore your personal reasons behind that but also be honest with your child about it

If they’re old enough to have the desire to want to have sex, they can understand the talk beyond the toxic bull crap of “you better not be doing that in my home”

Because that will NEVER stop them if they have the desire

I say this from the space of working with so many women who have had to heal from sexual trauma and usually this starts with something as small as not having a healthy emotional conversation with their parents/caregivers

So just keep this in mind for parents who have teens

They deserve to NOT endure the ”toxic taboo” around sex

Trust me, you’ll help them in many ways by opening the door to make this conversation safe, connecting, and empowering

Boundaries are essential, but punishment or fear around something that will shape the way they relate and connect to their partners in life is NOT THE ANSWER

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