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The Truth about Alignment

The thing about alignment that isn’t widely talked about, is this …

Alignment is actually uncomfortable

Alignment is actually challenging as hell

Here are the reasons:

1. When you’re getting in alignment with what’s best for you on your healing journey, this means that you are being challenged to grow. With growth comes “growing pains” which is emotional and mental healing that asks you to step outside of your comfort zone. THIS ISNT COMFORTABLE.

2. When you’re doing what’s aligned with the best for you, this often requires you to reflect, to release control of the outcome and flow with what is… RADICAL ACCEPTANCE.

This challenges you to heal in the present moment which doesn’t get easier until you have cultivated a consistency of stepping outside of your zone of comfort, checking in with ego, and balancing your masculine + feminine energy.

Things that require deeper reflection + inspiration to grow

Growth has a balance of yin and Yang, which means there are times it’s beautiful and light and times where it’s vulnerable and dark … neither are better than the other and both are extremely necessary

Growth asks for grace and acceptance, two core elements of alignment

Alignment isn’t just about flowing with what feels light in your life, but also, choosing to cause friction in your life, to till the soil so that new seeds can be planted and weeds and dry dirt can be restored and brought to surface

So the next time you here someone speak about what’s in alignment with your highest good or what’s best for you, KNOW that it comes with some work from where you are to where you will continue to go

There is no final destination with alignment, just flowing and growing when necessary and learning to love yourself and your life for the whole experience that you’re having!!

So what is YOUR ideal motherhood experience as a healing mother?

What makes this experience so ideal? And lastly, what does alignment mean to you?

I’d love to have this conversation in the

comments if you’re open to it!

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