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We Lack Patience As Parents

We lack patience so we project that onto our children

Everyday I show up online and into mom spaces I notice the lack of patience

Patience with self and patience with the little ones

Unconsciously rushing the journey of motherhood

I’ll never understand how baby and “independence” go together

I’ll never understand our desire and need for our children to be “independent”

I think that’s one of the beautiful things about motherhood, especially early on, is my daughters need for me

How her eyes light up when she knows I’m coming to hold her

How she smiles every time she sees me putting on the carrier to wear her

How when I pick her up she stops crying, feels comforted and warm

I’ll never rush her teeth to come in

I’ll never rush her to walk or talk

I’ll never rush the journey to eating solids

I’ll never rush her to sleep independently

I’ll never rush her need for me

Because for the first time in my life I’m able to be still and so present with my thoughts, mt feelings, and emotions and really look at the woman I’ve created over the years

Im able to be still and see what a happy child Im raising

An emotional child

I’m able to practice what I preach

I’m able to heal deeper

Motherhood has slowed down this revolving door of production and performance for me

And I think that’s why for some, they continue to rush their child into being so “independent,” because they’re unable to get off the unconscious hamster wheel of doing

We are such a performance based society who desperately needs more connection and less independence

I bring this up because I do desire mothers AND people in general to be PATIENT with a child’s journey

3 months isn’t a long time

6 months isn’t a long time

Hell 3 years isn’t a long time of being on this earth

These beings are literally learning from the smallest micro way of learning that we can’t even fathom!

So just be mindful about this “independence” game because for me, motherhood is a conscious effort everyday to raise an emotionally, loving, connected being who right now, doesn’t need to be so independent

It may not resonate with all moms and I’m totally okay with that, because the independence game doesn’t resonate with me

But just take some time to sit on this …

Sending everyone who reads this love

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