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You didn’t get the love you deserved

I want to be as gentle and direct as possible

You didn’t get the love you deserved

You didn’t get to experience a childhood that yielded the love that you needed to feel safe being all of you

Your relationship connections have been built on rocky emotional foundations, to the point you don’t feel seen or heard

You feel like you’re the black sheep of the family, like your views on parenting and life are so out there and it’s hard for you to connect with family and even some friends

And you feel like at this point in your life these people you’ve built these connections with would accept and love you the way you need them to

Well my love, I’m here to deliver a message that I feel you can understand and appreciate

A message of validation

It isn’t going to happen right now. And it may not ever happen

This does not mean that they don’t love you IN THEIR OWN WAY. But it will not be enough for you and what you’re needing right now

Because of a few reasons:

  1. You’re living in a trigger. A season of triggers and often in this season (usually the first few years of motherhood but can be longer) you experience a lot of what feels like emotional instability and it creates this heightened awareness of what you’re lacking which can lead you into vulnerable feelings that feel unsafe, triggering the way you feel about yourself that can reflect negatively

  2. You’re being asked to step into a season of loneliness to restart and build anew. Which is the last thing you want to feel as a new mother. It’s natural for us to desire a tribe around this time and it’s also what’s expected in the culture around mothers, but due to the society we live in and the lifestyles we live, it’s not always possible living far away from loved ones or having strained family relationships

With all this said, I want to prompt you to answer this question for yourself “if you weren’t ready, equipped, and divinely guided to do this work, why would you have the awareness to do this work?”

Take that in. Take a moment to answer that

Because what you’re choosing to do consciously is not everyone’s choice or route and that’s okay

What it does mean is that you now:

  1. Get to see people for who they are and accept them where they are

  2. Get to see yourself as who you are and accept you where you are

  3. Unlearn habits that create trauma bonds to situations and people

  4. Be a safe space for your inner child to heal

  5. Learn to validate your own emotional experience without being emotionally codependent on others

And so much more

I want to offer the opportunity to heal together, with me as your healer and consultant. Beside you on your healing journey while offering tools and support that validates you exactly where you are each step of the way

If this message resonates with you deeply and you are prepared and ready to receive support that can help you stay accountable to change, DM me to secure your group healing spot with me

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