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Emotional Reset 

You are here because your heart is ready to take the next step in your healing.

To experience a deeper emotional connection on this motherhood journey 

To honor peace within your home 

THIS IS YOUR LIFE. And I'm here to help you experience what's possible through emotional healing and somatic work. 


I know, there's a part of you that is unsure. Unsure of how this will turn out. Unsure of how this will impact your family. And I get it, your comfort zone is clinging to what it knows, and that's okay. This uncertainty is normal. It's a part of growing and preparing for the ego death that you're about to experience with our work. 


My goal is to provide nurture, support, and understanding to you every step of the way. I have the expertise, wisdom, and capacity to meet you exactly where you are and guide you at a pace that you feel safe with. I am here for YOU and the happiness of your family. 


THANK YOU for taking the time to want to work with me and invest in your growth journey! This provides a beautiful energy and support for my family as well.  


Click the link below to answer some questions so I can understand you better and make sure you and I are the right fit to work together. 

Give me 24/48 hours to read and reach out to let you know what's next! 

Initial Sessions are a  $100.00 investment.

For Couples Initial Sessions are $150.


With your  session, we are working to experience the highest form of healing we can. 

If you're ready for the 3 Month 1:1 program, it's $3k (affordable payment options available).

For couples, I need you to both fill this out individually. Thank you!


Xerces, Emotional Support Consultant

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