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Reclaiming My Marriage

A class created for conscious mothers who are tired of feeling like their marriage is stifling their growth 


This class is for conscious mothers who are tired of feeling like they're not being heard or understand in their marriage. 
You are tired of feeling like you're unable to be vulnerable with your husband. Feeling like he doesn't appreciate what you do for your family and are tired of being in your masculine. 

You're ready to claim your softness but do not feel your marriage supports you doing so. This class is for you. 




Becoming aware of the thing you and your husband have in common that are making it hard for you two to agree and connect emotionally 

How to convey what you need without feeling like it will backfire with your husband  

How to stop heated arguments with your husband and have the tools to work through disagreements with more softness and understanding

I want to see your family thrive! Our babies deserve being raised in this type of energy and I want to help your family experience this

By applying this class to your marriage you will:

-Create a new dynamic with your husband that allows you both to meet one another's needs without feeling like you're "giving in" 

- Have a way of communicating that has you feeling heard and important in your marriage and family 

- Start feeling more at peace and that your life and relationship is in alignment with your healing and growth!

Healing Investment: $17.00

Access: Sent directly to your email 



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