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Reclaiming My Marriage

A class created for conscious mothers who are tired of feeling like their marriage is stifling their growth 





What is the intention you have for this class?

What would you like to become aware of for yourself?

CH.1- Learning about the disconnect 

Chapter 1Xerces
00:00 / 05:37

Questions from CH.1 

  • I want you to think about your last argument with your husband. What did you two argue about?

  • What did that argument trigger for you emotionally?

  • Was it resolved? Or does it still linger with you? 

CH.2- What is Ego?

Chapter 2Xerces
00:00 / 06:04

Questions from CH.2 

  • Have I been aware of my ego and just didn’t know? 

  • Does this resonate with me? How does this make me feel right now? 

  • Am I aware that if I am experiencing this even with the awareness I have, my husband is probably experiencing something similar as well?

CH.3- Creating An Awareness of Ego 

Chapter 3Xerces
00:00 / 06:01

Questions from CH.3 

  • Do you think your husband is aware of ego?

  • What do you feel this awareness will do for you moving forward with communicating in your marriage?

CH.4- Vulnerability + Practice

Chapter 4Xerces
00:00 / 07:50

Questions from CH.4 

  • Am I ready to do this type of work? Or am I just looking for my partner to make me feel safe in my comfort zone?

  • If I’m ready to do this work, what type of support do I need to move forward in this healing? Do I feel I can do this for myself and if so, what do I need to set in place as ego reminders? 

  • If I begin implementing this work today, what do I fear from my husband? What are reactions I don’t want but know is okay if he does choose to respond or react this way?

Thank you. 

Thank you for showing up for you. For me, and for our families. Your work and intention doesn't go unnoticed. I feel that if you're already here, there's something about my message and our divine energetic connection that has led us to this moment. I'd love to support you in any way that I can moving forward. Please don't hesitate to reach out to see what you and I can create in making your vision a reality for your life and your family 



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