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Reclaiming My Marriage

A class created to help wives understand exactly what they can do to change the relationship they have with their husbands as they raise their families. 





What is the intention you have for this class? Meaning, what is it that you'd like to receive from taking the time to gain insight and clarity from the material?

From this intention, I want you to take a moment to pause. Take a deep breath in for 4 seconds. Hold it for 4 seconds. Exhale for 4 seconds. Remember that you're here because you want a better relationship with your marriage and emotions. And from this material, you will get that! 

So let's dive in!

CH.1- Learning about the disconnect 

Chapter 1Xerces
00:00 / 05:37

Questions from CH.1 

Take the time to write down your answers. With each answer, I want you to follow up with asking yourself "do I have the emotional tools to support me working on this right now?"

  • I want you to think about your last argument with your husband. What did you two argue about?

  • What did that argument trigger for you emotionally?

  • Was it resolved? Or does it still linger with you? 

  • Is this a recurring argument? 

  • If you were to think of the way you usually try to resolve this argument, what are you trying to do? Get your point across or be heard? 


With arguments, one of the ways we can learn to resolve them is through noticing how our bodies feel through the conflict and managing the way our bodies feel so that we can continue having a healthy conversation with the intention to remain connected and of love. 

This allows room for both sides to be heard, and for you to be aware of if arguments usually grow stronger because of how you both react emotionally, or if it's only your partners reactions that create a bigger issue. 

CH.2- What is Ego?

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00:00 / 06:04

Questions from CH.2 

  • The ego is there to protect you from things that feel similar to the past that may have hurt you. When the ego is present, is hard to move forward or grow. Everything feels like a threat. The ego is even threatened by your emotions. With that said, when you're triggered and your ego is present, do you find that it's easy for you to feel your emotion or abandon feeling vulnerable? 

  • Does this message make sense to me? How does this make me feel right now? What other questions do I have?

  • Am I aware that if I am experiencing this with my ego and trigger, my husband is probably experiencing something similar as well? And if we are both experiencing this, how can we come to a resolve? Am I willing to work through my ego and trigger to be in flow with trust, vulnerability, and connection?

CH.3- Creating An Awareness of Ego 

Chapter 3Xerces
00:00 / 06:01

Questions from CH.3 

  • Do you think your husband is aware of ego? I want you to notice when you're both triggered, if you can sense the presence of his ego. The ego isn't anything to be afraid of, but if his ego is present when your ego is not, do you have the capacity and trust to be kind to the ego? Your husband?

  • What do you feel this awareness will do for you moving forward with communicating in your marriage?

CH.4- Vulnerability + Practice

Chapter 4Xerces
00:00 / 07:50

Questions from CH.4 

  • Am I ready to do this type of work? Or am I just looking for my partner to make me feel safe in my comfort zone?

  • If I’m ready to do this work, what type of support do I need to move forward in this healing? Do I feel I can do this for myself and if so, what do I need to set in place as ego reminders? 

  • If I begin implementing this work today, what do I fear from my husband? What are reactions I don’t want but know is okay if he does choose to respond or react this way?

Things to practice: 

1. Implementing the 444 method when you're triggered. 

2. Having daily conversations with your ego and reminding your ego that it's safe for you to learn to trust your emotions and your husband with being vulnerable and connected when triggered. 

3. Embodying your emotions by allowing yourself to feel what's present beneath the trigger even when the trigger and your ego are telling you it's not safe to feel. Your body has to learn to have a bigger capacity for feeling your emotions and just listening to what your emotions have to say 

7 Day Practice with husband: 

Before starting this exercise I want you to think of a few blissful/happy instances with your husband. Once you’ve got those, jot them down. 

For the next few days, before your husband comes home, or even to start your day, I want you to bring up one of those blissful moments. Before you go to bed think of one of those moments. 

And just observe the shifts that occur. 
You can write them down daily! And 7 days from now I’d love for you to share your findings!

Thank you. 

Thank you for showing up for you. For me, and for our families. Your work and intention doesn't go unnoticed. I feel that if you're already here, there's something about my message and our divine energetic connection that has led us to this moment. To book a 1:1 consultation please click the link below! 

Class Options to support your growth journey: 

Mothering Surrender- a 7 day guided growth journey of finding patience, emotional strength, and understanding.

Somatics Nervous System class- a one hr class of nervous system regulation work.


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