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Mom to- be Session 

This is for conscious mothers who desire a peaceful pregnancy full of love, healing, and flow. If you want to take control of how you experience pregnancy and desire the tools, guidance, and support as you navigate pregnancy, this 1:1 support is for you. 

Sensual + Emotional Classes

This is where we navigate through all parts of sexual healing. Relearning the body, relearning our emotional connection to our body and self and more. 

Love + Relationship Session 

This is for the women who desire to work on their trauma with love and relationships. You recognize that this area is a part of your life that you need support and guidance with while you heal. Conscious loving ways to honor your pain while healing and loving at the same time. 

Reparenting while Parenting Classes

This is where we focus on navigating past trauma as parents to make sure you show up fully as the parent your child needs you to be 

Mom Session 

This is for the divine mothers who need "me time." A moment where the feel validated, supported, and heard. This is that time that's fully focused on you, allowing you to be transparent, authentic, and safe in all that you feel and think. We navigate through your challenges together and come up with solutions that best support your growth and happiness. 

Womb Healing Classes

This is where we focus on honoring thy womb, energetically and emotionally healing the trauma from past relationships, childbirth, and generational trauma. 

1:1 Session Pricing


Womb Healing Classes


Sensual + Parenting Classess


Womb Healing Video Series 


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