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Love + Relationship Session 

For couples who've noticed that parenting has taken a toll on their connection while also triggering parts of themselves they don't desire to explore alone, but with guidance and emotional support. INITIAL SESSION: $85

3MO: $3,300 (payment option available)

Sensual + Emotional Classes

This is where we navigate through all parts of sexual healing. Relearning the body, relearning our emotional connection to our body and self and more.  $85 PER SESSION

Mom Session 

This is for the divine mothers who need "me time." A moment where the feel validated, supported, and heard. This is that time that's fully focused on you, allowing you to be transparent, authentic, and safe in all that you feel and think. We navigate through your challenges together and come up with solutions that best support your growth and happiness. 


3MO: $2,200 (payment option available)

Energy Healing Session

This is an intimate 30-45 minute session where I provide reiki, guided meditation, eft tapping, and breathwork.

A powerful experience to reset your energy and help to create mental clarity in your life and direction. $100 PER SESSION

Classes with Open Enrollment
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