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The Sacred Healing Mother Society

Welcome Divine Healing Mother! I am truly honored to share this SACRED Healing Space with you! 

Thank you for investing in your own healing, creating an energy exchange that allows us both to thrive and grow together. Thank you for trusting and investing in me. I really appreciate you and am honored to share this experience with you! 

Here, I'm going to go over how this works. I wanted to take my exclusive material and wisdom off social media and create a space where women who are INTENTIONAL about healing, can access what I offer. 

Each week I will upload more materials: 

- EFT Tapping Videos 

- Guided Meditations

- Classes, Recorded Video Material 

- Journaling Prompts

- Healing Energy Circles 

This is a space where each week we will have an intention and focus on something to actively grow through. On the Peanut platform is where we will come together and have weekly discussions, ask questions, and support one another. 

On the Zoom platform is where we will have our sisterhood calls monthly (may do this biweekly down the road). 

Of course any questions you have, know that I am here for you and here to support you as you heal. 

Things to be CONSCIOUS of as you heal:

- The purpose of your questions or challenges. When you feel you're struggling or going through something that you want to lean in for support, ask yourself "what is the purpose of me asking this? What do I desire to receive from asking this question?" DO NOT HESITATE TO LEAN IN FOR SUPPORT, BUT simultaneously, be mindful and aware of how you're being led to lean in

- Remind yourself of your power and how you ARE capable of leading yourself through everything you face. In order to create a more loving and trusting relationship with yourself that's in a new direction, you must practice taking action in a way that makes you uncomfortable. 

With that being said, I welcome you! Below you will access Healing Material and the INTENTION for this first week! 

NEXT CALL:  SISTERHOOD CONNECTION CALL will be Saturday 8/13 @ 1:00p ET. 


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Focus on creating judgment awareness of self and others and how it makes you feel on a day to day and what comes up for you when you're intentional about this daily. 

Passcode: SMHS1
Passcode: 264760

Week 1 Healing Videos

Week 1 Healing Videos

Week 1 Healing Videos
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Radical Self Love Live

Radical Self Love Live

Play Video
EFT Tapping Video Emotions

EFT Tapping Video Emotions

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Day 1 womb healing

Day 1 womb healing

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Journal Prompts for this week

1. When you reflect on your motherhood journey, what do you feel has been the most challenging for you and why?

2. What do you notice about the way you interpret challenges and problems? How does this shape your reality and connection to motherhood? Your connection to self?

3. What are you most proud of when it comes to you and your awareness? Your power? Your persistence? Your desire? How can you celebrate yourself more this week?


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Intention + Focus on replacing JUDGMENT with observation and noticing the energy behind being more observant and how it makes you feel