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Day 1

Action prompt:


Set an intention to be mindful of your language today. The language you use when things are challenged with anger, frustration, sadness, overwhelm, any vulnerable emotions. We want to be mindful of how:

A. You speak to yourself/ and or child 

B. You feel when you’re speaking to yourself 

Nightly reflection: 

What is your inner dialogue when you’re challenged with vulnerable emotions? (Get as specific as possible) 


If you were to be more compassionate towards yourself when things aren’t going as planned, how would that feel for you? 

What would that change for you? 


What’s one kind thing you can say about yourself today and your child? 

Tools for today 

Letting Go MeditationXerces
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Day 1 MantrasXerces
00:00 / 03:35

Day 2

Action prompt:

Today, I want you to create awareness around HOW you speak to your inner child and child. Do you speak and listen to them from a space of curiosity and a desire to understand or is it from a space of irritation and frustration? Do you often TELL them WHAT to do rather than allow them to make choices and support that curiosity and independency?


The culture we’ve cultivated around children is that they’re not smart enough to make decisions on their own, but that’s far from

The truth. They’re capable of making decisions but they don’t always align with the way we live in this adult world 

The child energy is always met with resistance and harsh judgment and we want to change that, especially within ourselves. Both our inner child and child deserves someone to support ALL of who they are and love their playfulness and adventure. This is where love, uniqueness, and patience thrives 


A question to propose “if I saw my childs behavior as doing the best they can right now, how would I respond or react to them?” 



Night reflection: 

  • Were you able to show more compassion and patience for yourself and child? How? 

  • In what ways do you feel your child’s freedom and expressive emotions trigger you? 

  • What’s a kind thing you can say to your child this evening? 

  • How are you feeling tonight? What is something you can give yourself that you need?

*** please feel free to message me your answers and I can provide feedback if you'd like! Would love to experience that intimate connection with you <3

Tools for today 

Day 2 EFT Tapping

Day 2 MantrasXerces
00:00 / 03:31

Day 3

Action prompt:

When you feel anger, frustration, overwhelm arise in the body, what sensations do you feel? Allow these sensations to be alerts to take deeper breaths and PAUSE to see what it is your inner self is needing 


It could be your inner child being triggered or a generational curse being triggered in the moment 

Whatever it may be allow these sensations to now be programmed as alerts to 


  • Pause/Stop. Take a deep breath for 5 seconds. Exhale. And ask what does your vulnerable self need right now? 

  • I am feeling ______ because ____ (make sure that you’re aware of where you are giving your power)

  • Example: I’m feeling frustrated because you …. (Giving power outside of self) 

  • Example: I’m feeling frustrated because I notice when ______ it triggers me to feel _____ … (taking responsibility for the feeling, keeping power and awareness) 

Practice this throughout the day as much as possible and NOTICE how you feel afterwards 


Also, be open to understanding that when you start to shift outside of your comfort zone, even if it’s for the better, it doesn’t always feel the best and it can come with resistance 

BUT when you make up your mind and say “the actions I’m willing to take will produce the results I want to receive” things get better 



Nightly reflection: 

How did it feel to focus on reframing throughout the day? 

What did you notice about your child’s behavior when you chose to reframe? 

What did you notice about your own energy when you chose to reframe? 

What positive encouragement can you give yourself tonight? 

Tools for Today

Feminine Nurture Meditation Xerces
00:00 / 07:27
Day 3 MantrasXerces
00:00 / 04:03

Day 4

Action prompt:

Practice compassion today. When you notice that you’re becoming frustrated, harshly judgmental, or overwhelmed do the following 


  1. Stop 

  2. Take a deep breath 

  3. Imagine the breath as a ball flowing from your head to your feet 

  4. And ask yourself “what’s really needed in this moment?” 

  5. How can I be more gracious with myself and _____?


If you think of something triggering or experience something triggering, do the same. So write this down in a note, set a timer, whatever you need to do to keep this reminder of these 5 steps. This is a way to reframe situations and bring it back IN to you so that you can make a decision outside of what just triggered you 


In order for triggers or frustrations to shift, something must help create the shift 

You have to be honest with yourself in these moments. Trusting that your vulnerability will radically show you what needs to be worked on or conveyed in the moment 


Surrendering to vulnerability and your divine essence. Recognizing that being truthful with your emotions leads you closer to a feeling of freedom WHEN you’re compassionate 


Try this out today and let me know how it goes 



Nightly reflection: 

Tonight I’ll be asking more questions than usual as this is kind of the half way mark

Please be as open and honest as possible 


  1. What do you feel you’ve learned so far about yourself that you may have not been aware of? 

  2. How do you feel about the tools given to help along your journey? What’s your favorite so far 

  3. How consistent and active have you been with using your tools and action prompts? 

  4. What have you noticed about your connection with vulnerability? 

  5. How would you like that connection to be? 

  6. What do you feel you’ll need to do to make it happen?

  7. How can I support you? 

  8. What’s something kind and loving you can say about your relationship with your emotions? 

Tools for Today

Day 4 MantrasXerces
00:00 / 03:29

Day 5

Action prompt:

How can you show up with intention today? To be mindful of going with the flow of what comes! 

Giving yourself the opportunity to make a decision IN the moment, the true moment 


I want you to be mindful today, of moments where you may feel triggered to “take control”

What this can often feel like is tension in the body. Tension in your stomach, a feeling that wants to be right out of fear of something not going the way you want it to 


Remembering that when you surrender with intention, you’re capable of making decisions that support what you want because your energetic vibration matches that of what you’re trying to attract, conscious parenting, deeper connection with self and child, more patience, abundance, etc 


I ask that you try to be compassionate towards yourself when you don’t always notice and find yourself doing things out of habit, that’s okay! What we are doing together, is planting the seeds. And the more you nurture them with consistency, the easier it’ll get 



Nightly reflection: 

  • What did you find through this awareness practice today? 

  • What did you notice about yourself that you weren’t aware of before? 

  • What did you notice about yourself that you were aware of before and today validated that for you? 

  • What emotions or feelings need validation right now? 

  • What’s something kind you can say to yourself tonight? 

Tools for Today

Day 5 MantrasXerces
00:00 / 03:06

Day 6

Action prompt:

Weekends are usually the hardest to stay consistent with things because we are conditioned to see that as our down time and we don’t want to have to do much, especially with kids. However it’s the perfect time to stay mindful, create lasting change, and practice what you’ve learned already 


So today, I want you to take the time to do the following: 

  • Create an intention of how you desire to FEEL today and what you will do to ensure you feel this way today

  • Be mindful of the language used with your child(ren) and your inner child (listening to the mantra playlist as much as possible can help here) 

  • And practice pausing before speaking when frustrated. Let the power of the breath lead you and the playfulness of your child and inner child energy lead you too 

  • Remind yourself to ask your child AND inner child “how’re you feeling? What do you need?” When you can 



Nightly reflection: 

  • Do you feel you’re learning to trust yourself more which allows you to surrender more? 

  • How do you feel about today and why? 

  • How was your inner dialogue with yourself today? 

  • How did your child feel today? 

  • What could you use more of right now? 

Tools for Today

Breathwork Xerces
00:00 / 08:29
Day 6 MantrasXerces
00:00 / 03:22

Day 7

Action prompt:

Acceptance. Today I want you to write a letter to yourself. Write a letter of acceptance. Of all the things you hold grudges over, all the things that you feel have kept you from feeling safe in where and who you are. Accept what was and allow what can be 

Visualize the energy that those things held being released through your writing, no longer energy stored within your body, and with the tools that you’ve gained and awareness you have, you’ll be better equipped to nurture yourself through the full releasing of those traumas and issues 


You’ve got this. This will be an extremely powerful exercise if you allow it to be. Come back to it throughout the day if necessary, jot down things in your notes, just create the energy transfer 



Nightly reflection: 

  • finish the writing, the letter. Upload or tell me about it 

  • How do you feel after that expression? 

  • What can you provide yourself to nurture and feel loved 

  • How can I support you? 

Tools for Today

Day 7 MantrasXerces
00:00 / 04:00


When you finish please fill out questionnaire

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