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You’re not here by chance.

You are here to for Taming The Ego, which means you’re either here because you were led her energetically and this feels like the perfect fit for you or one of your girlfriends shared this or sent this to you 


Trust me, I’m only palpable for Mothers like you 

Mothers who at core are strong, resilient, and willing to go above and beyond to make sure their family is secured 


Mothers raised by strong women who showed them how to take care of themselves and be independent 


While at the same time, Mothers who appreciate the truth even when it’s straight forward because that’s what resonates with you at core. "Straight no chaser."


But there’s a deeper reason than these believe it or not 

It’s mothers like you, who don’t feel safe asking for help and deep within KNOW you need it 

Mothers who fall victim to the cycle of "Ego Living."

- Which looks taking other peoples actions like your husband and child(ren)s actions personal.

- Taking it personal when your family doesn't seem to show you appreciation the way you want so then you stop DOING out of spite. 

- Resorting to yelling, ignoring, or supressing when you feel invalidated in conversations with your family 

This is just to name a few (and I know this is hard to hear, but trust me, it's worth it).


When I expressed my wisdom around the ego and how it plays a part in the disconnection of your relationships (to softness, your partner, and your child), you knew this resonated 

You knew that this was the missing piece you needed 

Because you can meditate, read books, and memes all day that really have you in ego thinking that the way things are, are because of others 


When in reality, there’s a HUGE part you’re playing in it all 


Your energy 

Your intention 

Your ego drive 

Your patience 


It all plays a part 

And with this Healing Experience, you will walk away with not only daily tools to help you understand your ego + navigate life with the awareness, but an energetic shift that will help you to flow with love and less resistance around being a more kind and emotionally conscious mother 


This is the perfect “next step” for you if:


  • You struggle to get your anger under control and the need to feel validated by your partner and kids (feeling unappreciated) weighs heavily on your connection with them 


  • You notice how when your child cries it triggers you to want to shut down or disconnect with what your child is experiencing and your own emotions because it’s too much to handle 


  • You find it increasingly easy to pick your partners behavior a part on a day to day and feel triggered with rage or anger when they choose to not listen or respond to you (not realizing that it’s wearing on them + the relationship) 

  • You find your feelings are uncontrollable when it comes to anger, frustration, or sadness and it feels like too much to handle on your own 


What I’ll be discussing:

  • How to create awareness of the ego, how it operates, how to address your ego, and work with your ego to become less emotionally reactive and more emotionally empowered 

  • How to nurture anger and validate angers presence when it arises 

  • How taming your ego can be the key to your relationship happiness with your partner + your child 


I'm choosing to go in detail on these key points because once you have a grasp of your ego and its place in your decision making and relationships, you will realize:


- How to reclaim your power and stop feeling controlled by your anger 


- How to create choices that align with you experiencing more love, peace, and patience 


- How to have authentic soft relationships, including the one with your partner and child 

Transformation from Taming The Ego: 

  • Notice your patterns that hold power to trigger you into anger and be able to pause in those moments to respond differently 

  • Practice being kinder to yourself when you are triggered and listening to what that trigger is leading you to 

  • Deeper self awareness to be patient in stressful situations with your partner and child 

  • Energetically open to taking action to be more patient without resistance 

  • Energetically more safe to take actions that make you feel uncomfortable 

  • More clarity to make decisions to grow 

  • Have more of an understanding of why your lineage adapted to living in ego 

  • Practical ways to work with yourself daily to detach from ego and be more heart centered when communicating your emotions with your partner and child 

Class is open 8/25. 

Both will be accessible 8/25 directly to the link on the confirmation page IMMEDIATELY after purchase

$197 for Energy work + class

$99 for them separately 

This is not a substitute for therapy. 

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My Story

Im Xerces (air-sis). Im 32, married with A daughter + A fur baby

I began my conscious healing journey 8 years ago and my intuitive mothering journey two years ago (when Xy was in my womb)

Before focusing on healing for mothers, I worked with women, helping them to rewrite their story with sex and intimacy.

This included womb healing, generational trauma work, inner child healing. And now, I’ve shifted that work into focusing on the motherhood journey (still incorporating that past work)


And prior to that I was in the Mental Health Counseling profession for 2 1/2 years working with women, teens,+ couples (I still use my techniques and knowledge within my work)

My journey to wholeness. That’s what my healing journey has been. Honoring the fact that I am not perfect and I carry an ancient wisdom and love within me. I’m an intuitive being, when I choose to lead from my feminine and heart, I experience life more deeper than I do when I lead from my past experiences + fears

I’m a Gemini + Manifesting Generator, on top of being a Sage, so a lot of my power does come from the wisdom I carry within my mind. I have learned and am still learning to balance myself as a whole. Although I will always be learning and growing, I can still love and enjoy my life from my wholeness, the amazing person I was created to be. So not only do I live in this, I help other healing mothers to live in their wholeness too

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