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The Unshakable Mama

A conscious guide to self love, and acceptance while balancing self identity and motherhood. 

$9.99 Class Investment 

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Welcome to The Unshakable Mama!

You are here for a reason. Being a mother can be challenging for us strong, individualistic women. So when you became a mother, you realized that it was more intense than what you expected. So did I. Realizing so much of my time and energy was focused on my daughter and raising her was really eye opening for me. 

I have always been a woman focused on healing and I thrived with the amount of me time I had, which was like all day every day pretty much.But when post partum hit I had so much less than that. Over half that time gone. Luckily, I had tools and ways to navigate this new journey to help myself cope and create anew. I was able to grant myself patience when needed, rest when needed, and begin cultivating a new me that I loved post partum (and I'm still creating her). 

This class, I created is a series of a few classes that help you to be the Unshakable Mama you desire to be. 

To be a conscious healing woman through all phases of life and motherhood. 

Claiming your sensuality 

Healing your womb

Loving yourself and accepting all of your emotions 

I can't wait to begin this journey with you! 

We Will Cover: 

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You will learn skills to help you shift
your perspective around motherhood compliment your life experience. You’ll gain knowledge of practical tools that will shift your perspective around self, love, and “me” time. This is a class built around conscious awareness of our own personal actions and ways of thinking.

Created for Women Who:

  • Are ready to embrace motherhood as a self healing journey

  • Are ready to find peace within the changes of motherhood

  • Feel you’re meant to break generational curses through parenting

  • Enjoy being a mother but feel like it’s emotionally and mentally draining you

  • See motherhood as an opportunity but don’t know how to seize the opportunity

  • Want to establish a healthy relationship with yourself for your baby

  • Tools to help you self regulate your emotions

  • Action steps to show up for yourself emotionally and mentally

  • Action steps to connect back to self when you’re overwhelmed

  • Action steps to find peace within even if chaos is around you

  • Active tools to help you be more loving towards yourself, your child, and partner

  • Setting “me” boundaries healthily

Life Takeaways:

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