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Building an emotional capacity allows mothers like you who believe in the importance of being an emotional safe space for their children,  model values of kindness, empathy, and resilience for her family even when high emotions are present. 


While you’ve been thinking your emotion was the problem, in reality it’s how you handle yourself during moments of dysregulation that has had the biggest impact on the relationship you hold with your child(ren) and partner. 


Building an emotional capacity is one of the greatest strengths you can have as a mother who desires peace in her home. It’s created by working on three things: 

  • Your relationship with your emotions

  • Your nervous system 

  • Leaving emotional survival 


My goal isn’t to discourage you from having moments of intense emotions that lead to dysregulation, because let’s be honest, you’re human. My goal is to encourage you to have grace for your humanness so that when you fall short, you see that as an opportunity to dive deep into the emotional capacity that you’ve built for yourself and your family. 


You don’t model values of kindness, empathy and resilience through striving for perfection out of feared moments of imperfection and humanness. You model those moments BECAUSE of your humanness and having grace for the times you and your family fall short. 

If you're looking for perfection, it's not here. But if you want to create peace in your home that will have your children telling the story of how they were raised in a home where their parents helped them to feel safe emotionally even when they feel they "didn't deserve it," you're in the right place. 


When we work together on the power of vulnerability, building an emotional capacity, and the mind/body connection, my clients are able to remain regulated during stressful moments that have overwhelmed them for years, embodying this new identity for years to come. 

And this will happen for you too!


And to experience this peace, you need to be willing to let go of the following: 

- fixing feelings 

- fixing emotional discomfort 

- fixing the connection 

Here, you don't learn to fix, you learn to evolve, to love, and to grow. 

You learn to balance your masculine qualities with your feminine. 

You learn to trust the flow and divine timing over worry. 

You learn to be the undercurrent and plant the seeds. 

You learn to be and let be. 

Here, you LEARN what it's like to truly be YOU so that your family can too. 


The Divine Motherhood Academy


It's a monthly membership commitment.  

For Wives and Mothers ready to commit to reclaiming their emotional power and creating the peace and happiness they deserve as they raise a healthy family.

This week I will be sharing details of the membership and BONUSES for being a part of my exclusive mailing list! 

One of the greatest opportunities we get is to be mothers who heal and grow with their family. #generationalhealer

More details to come. To stay in the know over the next few weeks, join my exclusive email list and I will be sending you details sis!

Doors open for enrollment 4/1!



Xerces, Emotional Support Consultant 

Please leave your email and I'll be reaching out to you soon! Thank you! 

Thanks for submitting!

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