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3 Keys to Emotional Regulation

FREE Emotional Regulation Guide for Mothers Creating Peaceful Homes!

This guide is the start to Building an Emotional Capacity. This is for mothers who believe in the importance of being an emotional safe space for their children (and partner), so they can model values of kindness, empathy, and resilience for her family even when emotionally triggered. 

3 Keys to Emotional Regulation gives you: 

A result driven guide for immediate implementation

From this guide you will be able to implement each key into your day to day.

Step by step guide breaking down the 3 keys

Each key comes with a breakdown of the benefits and how to implement.

From this guide you will walk away: 

- knowing what tools can help with regulating your emotions 

- having a start in creating your own emotional regulation routine 

- having more compassion for yourself and your child with emotional dysregulation 

This guide is to help healing mothers like you: 

- Begin the journey of emotional trust and safety within. 

- Have a simple and effective go to move through emotional triggers with more ease. 

- Feel more empowered navigating generational healing. 



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