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To desire peace in your marriage and home...


You've got to understand what's disturbing the peace.

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You are a successful wife and mother. From the outside looking in there are people around you who admire you for your strength, courage, and wisdom. 

But what they don't see, is how on a day to day you find yourself at a distance with your husband because of how your marriage makes you feel. 

Your life is falling short of the vision and desire you have of being a wife and mother. 

And every day you become more aware that it has to do with the way you handle things emotionally. 

You've tried therapy and while having someone listen to you and help you become more aware of the pain of the past, you walk away feeling more aware of your problems and less equipped to handle your emotions or create the change you need. 

What you're looking for is a deeper understanding, of not just knowing how to process through your emotions, but to feel that your emotions have the power to connect you to your marriage and your motherhood experience in a way that doesn't keep you in a constant state of overwhelm, disappointment, frustration, and aloneness. 

Because right now, trying to handle your emotions during emotional triggers and ups and downs, feels like a never ending feet that has you questioning if all of this is really worth it. 

You are absolutely trying your best to be the wife and mother your family needs but that best is only from a place that you already know. 

You're try your best from a place where your mind has kept you surviving and it's because of this survival mode you're not seeing the results you desire and want.  

In this Mini Audio Class you will learn the secret blindspots in your emotional patterns that are standing between you and the peace you desire in your home. Resulting in efforts that feel like it's not working or enough. 

This class includes helping you to understand:

- what's impacting your relationship with yourself (and your family) 

- how your energy contributes to the lack of peace in your home (and the keys to shifting this energy) 

- what you can do today to begin creating peace in your home 

There are three blindspots in your emotional patterns that make it hard for you to see how you can contribute differently to experience peace in your marriage and home, and in this free class you will learn how you can spot those blindspots and begin creating what you desire and want. 

I want the best for you and your family, but first, I want you to feel empowered, capable, and trusting of you in all ways. 

To be aligned in body, mind, and spirit is to align with peace that manifests in to your home and marriage. 

I look forward to this journey with you! Join the waitlist to gain access to the date, details, and class! 


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