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Month 1 Material

This is where each weeks material will be uploaded and organized by week

Week 1- Embodying the want

Start here with this audio. I highly recommend 

listening to the audio 2-3x a week and 

body tapping once a day at minimum. 

Month 1 Wk 1- EmbodimentXerces
00:00 / 09:55

Below is access to Mothers Who Heal, a somatic workshop that will support you this week.


Reflection questions: 

1. Where do you feel your wants and desires stem from? What's the driving force behind them?

2. What do you feel will change when living in these wants and desires?

3. After having them, then what? How will you maintain your wants?

4. Is there any resistance in your body that you feel in focusing on your wants and desires? Where do you feel the resistance and what do you feel it's telling you?

Week 2 

This week please start with the Audio titled "week 2: Connecting the Dots.

From there, you will want to reflect on the questions this week. 

There will also be a  recorded lesson to tap into with reflection work as well! 

Your younger self and her wounds are the representative of your emotional triggers and painful feelings. The way she believes and experiences the fairness or unfairness of life. I want you to create a picture of how you feel your inner child experienced life from her emotions. How did she feel about her emotional experience and how did she learn to feel in connection to other people 

Journaling Questions/Reflection work: 

  1. Knowing more about your younger self, her behaviors, her feelings, her actions, what experiences usually bring her out on a day to day? How do you handle her?

  2. How would your younger self like to be cared for/parented when she’s challenged or triggered? How can you give her that?

  3. Implement 444 method daily by setting 2 alarms a day to practice it. (Don't forget to incorporate the tapping from last week this week too). 

  4. What are your fears around reparenting your younger self? Where do you feel the resistance in your body? 

  5. If you were to compassionately address that resistance, what would you say? 

Lesson title: Younger Self Awareness 

Questions to answer from the lesson: 

1. How does growing up in a chaotic environment impact the development of one's nervous system and emotional regulation abilities?
2. In your experience, what are some of the challenges you've faced when trying to develop a relationship with your nervous system?

3.  Why do you think emotional regulation is a skill that is often lacking in individuals from emotionally chaotic environments?
4. What survival mechanisms have you developed from growing up in a chaotic environment, and how have you worked to move beyond just surviving?

5. How do you reconcile the need for both body and mind healing in the process of recovering from emotional traumas?
6. Reflecting on your healing journey, what advice would you give to someone just beginning to explore somatic work and nervous system healing?

Please remember to go at your own pace. There is no rush in completing anything. And any questions. I'm here. You've got this! <3

Passcode: 2qLi=T$H

Week 3- Identifying the roots

Remember this growth material is here for you at any time. If you can commit to 5 minutes 2-3x a week you'd be surprised what happens for you sis. 

Emotional Survival ToolkitXerces Lewis
00:00 / 12:07

Identifying emotional survival toolkit + implementing new ways of experiencing your emotions.


1. What do you notice are your go to behaviors, thoughts, and coping mechanisms when you’re triggered?

2. What do you notice about your automatic response to feeling overwhelmed,  invalidated, unseen, angry, frustrated? What's the story you hear in your mind when you're triggered to feel these things?


3. What do you notice about your automatic response to not knowing the answer, being asked for too much from your family?

4. Thinking back to Week 1, your want from this membership and for your experience as a mother, how does your emotional survival instincts impact this? How attached do you feel to your emotional survival toolkit and why? 

Week 4- Implementing new ways

Please take your time with the material! There's absolutely no rush. I just want you to have what you need to feel supported as you make decisions, grow, and learn yourself. This is not a race. This is relearning a lifetime worth of beliefs, patterns, and ways of dealing with the most delicate part of you.  

Understanding Emotions Xerces Lewis
00:00 / 10:49

Identifying emotional survival toolkit + implementing new ways of experiencing your emotions.


  1. This week I want you to work on noticing and observing your survival toolkit. When these moments are present, how can you get curious and walk yourself through it by reparenting yourself with understanding. (this is where you implement the words that your inner child needs. This is where you recognize that the survival toolkit you’ve used is for her to survive, so, compassion and grace can support her through it) 

  2. Continue implementing somatic work each day to help regulate your body and reset your nervous system

  3. Create a morning routine that implements somatic work. Check out the audios and videos listed for guidance 


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