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Until your nervous system is at peace. 


You keep trying to think your way into controlling your emotions


And each time you find yourself 

  • still overwhelmed 

  • still controlled by your husbands actions and responses 

  • still trying to fix your child when they’re upset 


It’s your nervous system that over powers your thought and intention to remain in control 


Your nervous system, is still that of the younger version of yourself. THE WOUNDED INNER CHILD (you'll hear me talk about this in the workshop). 

The one that felt like their emotions were too much 

The one that had to learn how to self sooth and stop crying or you’d be given something to cry about



Which is why emotional triggers bring you into fight or flight 


Because anger, sadness, frustration, were a threat to your survival whether it was you feeling it or your mother feeling it 


Until you choose to consciously do somatic work to reset and restore your nervous system and emotional relationship, you will continue to repeat the patterns and triggers you desperately want to change 


Emotional regulation and navigating the impulse of my emotions was never modeled for you, so, any  trigger feels invalidated, too much, and overwhelming. 

Triggers= out of control for you. 

Because that's how it was for your as a child. 

With no emotional guidance to regulate you're at this point because of that foundation set for you. 

Now, it's time to take accountability sis. 

Until you do the work, you will still feel: 

  • Resentful, bitter, angry, and having your family walking on eggshells everyday because of your emotional chaos (sound familiar)

  • Want everyone else to control themselves so you can be at peace

  • Blaming your frustrations and overwhelm onto your family for having basic needs that a mother and wife are meant to care for with her family


This Saturday I’m hosting a somatic workshop for mothers and wives like you 


This workshop is for you if:

  • you struggle with controlling your emotions

  • you try to regulate but when you're triggered or have a bad day, your emotions get the best of you

  • you find yourself swayed and controlled by your partners actions and responses

  • you feel overwhlemed by your childs emotions on a day to day

  • you experience overwhelm 3+ days a week

  • you experience anxiety 3+ days a week

  • you find yourself saying "I can't handle this" or "this is too much" more often than not

In this workshop I will be covering:

  • how to calm your nervous system

  • how to identify your wounded inner child spirit that's creating a divide in your partnership

  • how to create a healthy mind/body connection to feel safe expressing your emotions

  • how to sit with the impulse of emotions, AND MORE. 

Free Emotional Regulation Guide for Healing Mothers 


This is a somatic experience to help you to understand how to regulate your emotions, model that for your child, and carry this knowing into your partnership and relationships. 

From this healing experience you can expect to: 


- Feel into your body.

- Allow the mind to rest and you be able to be present with your emotions without shame or guilt.


- Be able to hear the language of your body.


- Feel lighter from moving energy that has been stored in your body for years

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