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Critiquing every moment of your life, looking at your healing journey as a mother as a problem needing to be fixed, or your child needing to be fixed, isn’t living and allowing yourself to experience the ebb and flow, the highs and the lows of what being a healing mother is about

When we give birth we are reborn again, into survival mode, and sometimes we get stuck their longer than we’d like

Preparing for the next “problem”

Looking for “solutions” to everything that’s not comfortable or “in alignment”

(Yes quotations around it all lol)

This is the reason when I work with myself and my clients, I highlight the Healing Seasons for Healing Mothers and guide you through the season that you’re

experiencing and into the next when it’s time

The thing is, every season isn’t about fixing or undoing

Each season has a flow and when you’re in alignment with these seasons in your own personal life, it allows you to LIVE with your family. To LOVE your experiences.

Even when you’re in your Awareness or Action Season ready to shift and heal, it still isn’t about “fixing”

There’s this love and compassion for what’s needing to be worked through and that’s what I’m here for. To help you:

- learn to keep your power emotionally, especially in moments where you’re dealing with someone else’s big emotions

- create a healing practice that honors your strengths and can easily fit into your motherhood journey

- understand your own Healing Seasons and how to flow between each one of them continuously

- cultivating a nurturing and loving relationship with yourself, your emotions, and your child

One of the best things you can do as a healing mother is understand your Healing Seasons.

When you do this it gives you your personal flow print and helps you find strength to parent with love and understanding because you cultivate that for yourself

Do you know the 5 Healing Seasons for the Healing Mother?!


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