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The Evolution of Motherhood

From Emotionally Surviving to Thriving. 
A supportive journey for the wive/mother struggling with support from her partner/husband while raising a conscious family 


In a sea full of healing knowledge and professionals...

Nothing seems to be helping to bring the two of you on the same page. 

All of the messages you see keep validating the problem, but never getting to the root of what can change your marriage and life. 


Every post you read validate what you don’t have leaving you thinking the worst: 

“I can do this on my own without him” 

“I didn’t know this was the man I married” 

“Why can’t he just be what I need him to be” 

“I deserve better than this”

What you believe is a ‘him’ problem, is actually a YOU problem. A YOUNGER you.




Speaking so loudly through you pain.


The thing that’s missing with all of these other messages is while it's sympathizing with your pain, is it’s not giving YOU a reason to look within YOU. 

To your wounds. That are being revealed through the chaos and ungroundedness in your marriage.

You’re a mother. Who needs a village. And you don’t have one.


You need more support and understanding from your husband and don’t have it. 

So what’s next? Continue to go through the next 5 years of raising your family bitter? Resentful? Disconnected? Repeating the cycles of your parents?



Choosing to SEE that this experience IS a part of YOUR GROWTH JOURNEY. Requiring you to heal deep within the cells of your body. Your emotions. Your nervous system. Your CAPACITY. 


See sis, You have seem to forgotten who you really are 

The powerful growth journey you consciously chose the moment you declared yourself to be healing.


What is being presented to you in the chaos of your issues with your husband IS the opportunity to be responsible for your emotional wellbeing and look within for the peace and comfort you seek 

It’s not about doing it on your own (because you have me with you) it’s about choosing to EXPAND beyond your limitations to be the mother and wife you are MEANT to be.


You don’t fold under pressure sis. 

This pressure is here to reveal a version of yourself you never knew existed!!

One profoundly loving, kind, soft, compassionate, and caring


One that embodies the true essence of femininity through emotional intelligence, understanding, and grace.

Your rebirth into healing your wounded inner child spirit is VITAL to the motherhood journey you’re meant to experience for yourself and your child 

And I’m here to guide + support you on this journey. 


What clients have said about 1:1 work with me: 


What you want from this program: 

  • To feel understood and seen for the first time in how you've been feeling within your marriage and with your emotions. 


  • To feel not alone and accepted for where you are and how messy things have been. 


  • To be given answers that will "fix" what's going on between you and your partner so that you can finally be at peace. 


  • To feel like you can handle your emotions without being controlled by what your partner does or doesn't do. Or how your child feels without taking it personally. 


  • To know that it's possible for things to get better. Because you want that to happen NOW

So to support you in receiving this, below is what I offer you in this program. 

What you'll receive from this program:


  • Accountability to grow week by week as I offer nurturing and sound support as you delve into the depths of your emotions that once felt unsafe and uncomfortable in your body. 


  • A provided space to learn about your emotions through non-judgmental conversation, leading your to deeper understanding and comfort of your emotional expression. 


  • Support in creating awareness of how your body responds to triggers and how you personally can navigate your body’s trigger map to bring calm and centeredness to your body (this isn’t a one size fit all).


  • Support in understanding what your wounded inner child spirit is, her language, her triggers, and what she needs to feel supported and regulated so that you can have a healthy and peaceful partnership and motherhood experience. 


  • Co-regulation through somatic exercises offered in session weekly or biweekly. Through somatics you will learn how to understand your nervous system and impulses connected to emotional childhood pain that lingers in your body, keeping you attached to your wounded inner child spirit. 


What will change from committing to this work: 


  • Healthier relationship with your child and partner, to where you don't feel controlled by their emotions. 

  • Healthier relationship with yourself. Being able to validate your emotional needs, slow down before you respond, and hold peace within before you react. Giving you a soft touch. 


  • Experience less stress on an average day to day, week to week bases and able to communicate your needs and experience to themselves, your child, and partner with ease due to the emotional regulation skills you will gain and the somatic (co-regulation) sessions provided in this program. 


  • Better enjoyment of motherhood and small moments with your partner and child that don't have you second guessing if you made the wrong choice to raise a child with your partner. 


  • The confidence to create a life worth living and being intentional to make time for the things you love to do (or find out what it is you love to do as a mom)

What my clients have walked away with: 


  • Access to tangible regulation tools that they can implement that day

  • Feeling empowered to meet their child where they are and have the emotional capacity to be there for and with their child

  • Have a new perspective on the way they view their relationship with their emotions

  • Feel in control of the way they respond and how their body feels amidst their big emotions

  • Feeling more at peace within. Able to have challenging conversations without getting upset, or saying things they don’t mean

Sessions will be 45-60 per week. 

We will focus on somatic work (eft tapping, visualization, Breathwork, meditation, body movements) and emotional regulation through integrative somatic work with emotional support work


Sessions have the ability to be recorded if you’d like your session recorded!

Pricing for 3 month program 3k:



PIF- $3000 

2 payments - $1500

3 payments - $1000

6 payments - $500

Pricing for 6 month program $5200:



PIF- $5200 

2 payments - $2600

3 payments - $1800

6 payments - $867

8 payments -$650

9 payments - $578


weekly payment options are available as well.


If you're ready for this experience, click the link below to submit your application! 


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