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“Did this beginning start the end of our marriage?”

I hear you questioning yourself

“Did this beginning start the end of our marriage?”

You didn’t expect for motherhood to feel this way. To feel so alone and at odds with your husband the way it has been. And yet here you are.

You’ve tried keeping the peace only to feel enraged with chaos and no peace internally

You’ve tried being nice only for him to seem displeased with your efforts, triggering you to feel it’s not worth it

You’ve tried reading the books and pages, that somehow lead you to question if you’ve married the wrong person? Is he a narcissist? Why does he keep invalidating you?

But nothing has led you to the one thing that will change everything until this post.

And that one thing is YOU.

The thing is, what other people don’t know about you that I do, is that you were raised by a strong woman. A woman who wanted you to survive

And one thing that you’ve always wanted your whole life is to feel seen, understood, and enough emotionally.

And more than ever, that feeling of inadequacy and too much weigh heavy on you, being reflected back to you with each moment your husband doesn’t show up the way you need him too.

I want to acknowledge that you deserve your needs to be met.

But there are these needs that you have that can only be met by you that you’re asking your husband to meet.

And because they’re meant for you, you will continue to feel like the heartbreak and disappointment.

The needs I’m referring to are the needs of your inner child

This wound has resurfaced in your motherhood era because

  1. you’re needing to understand how to model emotional regulation for your child with love and before you can do that, you’re needing to reparent that inner child that never had that. Because you cannot model emotional regulation without understanding it for yourself

  2. You’re needing to heal the mother wound that’s plagued your lineage for years. You have the ability to, which is why you’ve read this far.

  3. You’re needing to restore the foundation and importance of a union raising a happy family for both of your lineages. Your husband has work to do too. But this is about you.

  4. You’re needing to have a deeper emotional relationship with yourself so that you can lead your home emotionally

Now you may be thinking “why me?”

You already feel overwhelmed.

The reason you feel this is because

  1. Your nervous system needs healing and a reset (i offer somatic work for my clients)

  2. Your inner child is chaotic, upset, and stressed. She needs co-regulation (from you and me)

What’s next for you is that:

You’re needing to understand your inner child’s emotional needs so they can start being met and you can begin asking for your MOTHERING/WIFE needs to be met and have them met.

And you’re needing to understand how to be on a TEAM raising a child, and seeing the needs of both of you and the grace that is deserved for you both.

I’m here to help. To answer your question, this isn’t the end, rather a new beginning for your union. A new way of experiencing life that needs to weed out what doesn’t work anymore.

I offer The Evolution of Motherhood Program. A 6wk- 6mo program for married mothers struggling to have their needs met in their marriage.

My work helps you to:

  • identify your younger self so that you can meet her needs

  • identify your mothering needs and how to communicate them with love

  • work through the communication barrier happening between you and your husband

  • Pinpoint the trauma that you two continue to create for one another and how to change that

  • establish a healthy foundation of vulnerable love that allows you two to be seen and understood to work together as a team for your family

You will grow from emotional trauma, practice somatic healing to calm your nervous system and help you to hold a healthier relationship with your emotions so that you can create the happy home you’ve always wanted

This program is $1112 for 6wks.

Please DM for questions or to book your spot! Payment options are available!

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